Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dora at the Fox

My best friends sister, Carrie, is always lookin at cheap tickets for kids stuff. She found this amazing deal for Dora and the Lost Toys! Tickets were priced at 150 for the bottom and 80 for the top seat! outragous! She gave me the coupon codes and i got bottom row tickets priced at $15 each!!!!!! per person!!!!! talk about an amazing deal! Gavin loves dora and digeo so i thought it would be sooo much fun to take him for a gavin, mommy, and daddy day out! I feel bad since i dont get to spend as much time with him as i did before aiden came. We try to do little things like this every once in awhile to spend time with him and just him! We had a blast and it was so much fun. Gavin loved seeing dora and diego. He got to get a diego backpack and a t-shirt. We was singing and dancing to all the songs. It was def a well put on play and it totally followed the show series! I highly recommend it when it comes back to atlanta! Hopefully our next one will be Disney on Ice! im sooo excited!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Day at the Circus

We have been planing to go to the Shrine Circus in Marietta for weeks now and our plans changed when wednesday night i fell and sprained my ankle. i was so mad and we werent going to go but by saturday i felt a little better so we decided to try and go. the plan was for me to stay at mamma dawn's house with her and aiden while steven and gavin and others went...i really really wanted to go and when we got there steven made up his mind that i was gonna go. His grandma has a wheel-chair so i said that would be fine. i felt like an old lady but hey i didnt have to walk it was great. it was a blast!!! the show was awesome...and theres not a pic of it but there also was the man that got shot out of the canon! the rides we awesome. i cant wait until next year when i can ride them! they had quite a few too. i highly recommend it to older kids! enjoy the pics.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Our New Addition...

So im finally posting about the new addition to our family. We have been without a vehicle for about 2 1/2 months now and its driving us crazy! After receiving our tax return we decide to go and look at cars. We originally were going to look at trucks and i thought about it for a week or 2 and decided no i want a family car NOW! Steven was a little upset because he had wanted a truck for like well forever!....but when we got there the only thing we could afford were some little cars. we looked around while the guy was inside and came across this van. Now steven only likes dodge or Chrysler and there were only a few. Finally the guy came out and gave us another list (upped the price). Now i have no idea how to drive a manual...and there was a super nice car that steven loved but it was manual. of course that was out of the ?. so again we asked the guy to get another list, raising the price, while we looked around again. again steven came back to that same van. the guy came out and we asked if the van was on the list and he said yes. lets look inside. Steven loved it!! So of course we decided to get it. we were soooo excited! i really wanted a van. i hated to be one of those mom's but it has SOOO much room. and since we want like 4 more kids,....soon....its def a good investment! so heres a couple pics of it. sorry they are so dark!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Tom!

I apologize ahead of time, im sorry this is such a late blog, but i really wanted to make sure this blog was made today. Happy Birthday Uncle Tom! I really hope you have a great birthday. You are one amazing uncle. You have a super big heart and will do anything for anyone. Your a genuinely good guy. I love you!!!

Happy Happy Birthday Tom Dear, Happy Days Will Come To You All Year. If I Had a Wish Then It Would Be A Happy Happy Birthday To You From Me!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Pawpaw

I also wanted to make a special post for my pawpaw...Happy Birthday! We hope u have a great birthday. If anyone deserves a great birthday its you. You have been so understanding and have hepled us so much with everything we have been through and we really appreciate it. I know anyone would say the same. We are so grateful to have you as our pawpaw! And gavin just thinks the world of u. We love you so much! Thank you for all you do!

We love you old man! :)

Gavin's Birthday!

I know its late but its been a crazy week! Happy birthday gavin! 3 years ago u were in my stomach kicking and boxing. Im so glad u came into this world and im glad that ur my little boy! Friday we celebrated gavin's birthday opening his presents with jaime, kristina, and family. We were going to wait to open his presents because Steven was working but he wanted to open them really bad. he got lots of clothes and "clipo-clipo-clipo". He loves those crazy things. Then Saturday we had a BIG party. All his good friends were invited and family too. He got lots of great things! Again thank you everyone for coming! After that we went to chuckie-cheese with his cousins micheal and nathan, he loves that place now. Steven and Nick got 1163 tickets so gavin picked out a bear for Adien and a stuffed chuckie for himself. we had fun but not as much fun as we wouldve hoped! never go on a weekend, always a weekday. I will try and get pictures from my mom and post them!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Big News!

Big news in the town of Tyrone. I asked if i could offically tell everyone and i got confirmation. Amber Gardner IS pregnant! She is 16 weeks and kinda nervous because of the whole divorce thing. She is def up for talking about it if anyone has any questions. Since she doesnt have a blog I am in charge of blogging about her and the baby. We love you Amber and support you in anyway possible! :)